Spring Concert Thornhill 2017 - © courtesy Alison Boyes

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For general enquiries about the choir please contact the Secretary Christine Guthrie

phone: mobile 07721 062223    email the secretary

If you can't get hold of the Secretary, or for enquiries about joining the choir, or if you want a ticket for an upcoming concert, please contact our Chairman John Cowdery

Thistledown, Tynron, Thornhill DG3 4LE

phone: 01848 200441     email the chairman

Our Treasurer is Tom Hanley, and he likes to receive subscriptions within 4 weeks of the starts of sessions (ie by early October, and early February) without having to chase after them ... You can find him among the Tenors, or at:

Tom Hanley (Dalgarno Singers): Albany House, 26 Nunholm Rd, Dumfries DG1 1JW

Section reps are

sopranos Jane McQuater tel: (01387) 820848

altos Margaret MacKenzie (01848 200068)

tenors David Muir tel: (01387) 710216

basses John Drabble tel: (01387) 820480

librarian John Drabble

If you would like to be on our mailing list for information about future concerts, please email the mailing list. You will receive no more than half a dozen email messages a year, and we do not pass on your email address to any other organisation.

If you prefer to be on our paper-in-an-envelope mailing list, then please leave your name and address with any choir member, or write to

John Cowdery - Thistledown, Tynron, Thornhill DG3 4LE

To point out errors in this website, suggest any information about the choir that you would have liked to see but couldn't find here, or submit information, please email Webmaster